Sunday, September 19, 2010

A new world war? The economical crisis? What does humanity need to realise the urge for a real change?

The ideal solution? Transformation...

The world is sitting on a powder barell. What should we fix first? The economical crisis or the tensions between the military superpowers that are threatening each other, making people across the planet shiver to their bones? We want to prevent the scenario of general poverty, but here we are, in danger of counting yet another World War. As if the two World Wars of the last century weren't enough...
"The moral law within me, the starry sky above me", exclaimed one a famous philosopher. I won't tell you whom, you surely know him... It's time to remember this noble motto. It's time for us look towards the sky and admire the glowing stars, but also to decipher their movements,paths, promises and warnings. Lets read in the stars, so that we can write history in our favor, the history of these crucial times we are living in.

We shall therefore examine the transpersonal planets. Those that give us clues about the tendencies and opportunities we have as a society, humanity and civilization. The planets that matter when each one and we, all together are propelled in the flow of great a metamorphosis.

Uranus, the revolutionary

So, lets start with Uranus. The bold, the revolutionary, the rebel, the one that scents and triggers the changes in consciousness. The one so eager that through his impulsiveness can create sparks. Here it is, on the cusp between Pisces and Aries, on the border between two worlds, two ways of seeing reality lending a helping hand to the world's molding.

It is oscillating between the two types of energy and risks slipping sometimes in the abyss of one or of the other, but if we shall consciously put our minds into using the chance of this moment, Uranus can help us make the synthesis between what is more valuable out each of the two signs.

Uranus in Pisces restructures everything pertaining the beliefs and our faith, as well as our relationship with divinity. It frees us of false ideas and dogmas, illusions that keep us trapped in an imaginary world, it makes us reconsider with sincerity the place we give to God in our own lives. Because to read and to discuss all kinds of subjects with a spiritual shade, doesn't mean much. What do our predominate thoughts reflect, what do our actions and how we behave in relation to our soul and with those around us, tell?
In Aries, Uranus brings the need to fight for the freedom that cannot be given by any social system, because it is conquered individually, through self development and inner evolution.

Uranus on the Firey territory of the Aries, has initiative and the capacity to radically transform the way we live the present. It shows the terrible courage to face the unknown, to explore all that is new, and reminds us of the divine spontaneity, the joy of living as divine children, in a natural state of communication with the unseen realities, that are always present.

Neptune promises mystical union

Neptune is at the end of a journey that brought mankind many troubles and the tendency to feed on utopias. Soon, it will enter the doorstep from Aquarius to its mother sign - Pisces.
It is the end of a cicle in which we have consumed the ilusion of social liberty. But the saturation has already started to appear, though the failure of this way of understanding our place in the world isn't visible for most people. The great profane myths of democracy and individualism will be replaced soon with profound, deep faith and the aspiration to live fully the sacred side of the existence.

When Neptune will get back in his own home, it will become more and more clear that in essence, we are all one. Therefore, we shall understand that neither the human rights, nor the political programs (even the well-intentioned ones) are not able to give us the life to which we aspire. A return to the sources of existence is required and it is very likely to become possible if we give up the dogmas and head towards sublime ideals.

Pluto sets the cornerstone for a new world

Pluto comes and goes between Sagittarius and Capricorn since 2008 and this is good news! Because this coming and going offers the opportunity of deep transformations to take place in everything that has to do with spiritual concepts. Increasingly more people feel the need to refer to high values, to make the leap from theory to true, real aspiration. To lend a helping hand it his own purpose and to do, to practice the spiritual teaching he or she believes in.

Are you still worried about the square between Uranus and Pluto that keeps forming for some time? Rejoice, because it drives us out of our comfort zone, the place where most people get lost in. Where the consumer based society plays all of its cards... and you know that saying: "All bad for good"? The square between Uranus and Pluto stirs the kind of riot that supports the unchaining of the transformational energies. It brings back the taste of freedom in full spirit, that is possible when we are in harmony with the universe and with the divine will. It feeds the desire for inner growth and for the living sweetest intimacy - intimacy with your own heart and with God.

Uranus, Neptune and Pluto... Each of these transpersonal planets is on the verge of two signs. This foretells grandious transformations for all humanity. It is a privileged moment, in which we are putting the cornerstone for a new age of the planet. The one that the ancient teachings see as bathed in the divine light. You want to be a part of these path openers, don't you?

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