For many people astrology means Daily Horoscope or "predicting the future". And so, when they get in touch with an professional astrologer they would expect to get answers to questions like: "when will I get married" or, "will I win the lotto?". What many don't know is that astrology is in fact a spiritual science having as a purpose a deep knowledge about oneself both in terms of the mind and the soul, which can help us understand ourselves better.

What we set to do is to show people what astrology really is and the way they can apply it day by day to get to understand themselves and others better, but to also understand certain events in their lives. So, we're offering consultations and birth chart analysis and also books on astrology and applied astrological knowledge.

We hope that through the products that we are offering and the information you can read on our websites, we will bring a new perspective on astrology that is closer to what it really is, a spiritual science.

The Astrology of Enlightenment Team

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