Monday, March 5, 2012

Mars’s “alignment” with Earth and the Sun - Astrologer Perspective

There is a huge media campaign regarding Mars’s “alignment” with Earth and the Sun.

Actually this event happens once every two years and two moths (an average of 780 days), when astrologically Mars is opposite to the Sun, and astronomically, Earth is situated exactly between the Sun and Mars.

The idea is that at these moments Mars is as closest to Earth as possible in the two years period, but its distance varies quite much on a period of 15 years.

Earth and Mars actually got the closest possible in the past 60.000 years in 2003, and in 2007 and 2010 it was closer than it is right now.

So don’t get too excited, it is not the end of the world as many say to sell their news, but the truth is that there is a quite spectacular view as Mars becomes one of the brightest point inthe sky these days.

Astrologically, this opposition’s influence lasts 6-7 days in which we might experience some confusion regarding our usual way of acting and for those who have violence issues, it might be harder to keep this under control.

As usually, everyone reacts to this transit based on their natal chart, just as every man reacts differently in the same given situation.

We also have the tendency to repeat some past mistakes in our actions, and desires (especially sexual-ones) become more instinctive this period of few days.

So relax and be more aware than usually, observe yourself for your less conscious tendencies that you usually control well, becoming able to control them even better if you are attentive.

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