Sunday, January 29, 2012

Lunar Nodes - South Node & North Node

During the workshops we’ve organized, I observed that there is quite a big confusion regarding the lunar nodes, and that people tend to take some of their qualities as granted, disregarding the deep spiritual meaning they carry.

The South Node and the North Node are points in a chart, calculated as the intersection between the ecliptic plane and the Moon’s orbit around Earth. Their motion is always retrograde, this symbolizing the fact that we unavoidably tend to return to their influence respectively their calling.

The South Node carries within the entire energetic charge that we’ve developed during past lives, and it tends to draw us back to instinctive behaviors of the zodiac sign it is in. Its influence is pushing us toward manifesting the limitations of the zodiac sign and as unconscious reflexes, these are manifestations that we usually can’t control and that we are not even conscious of.

The North Node is the energetic charge and subtle background that we have to awaken and manifest in our being in order to be able to fulfill our spiritual path chosen in this life. Without the energy of the North Node harmonized, we will not be able to fulfill our destiny in this life, even if we have most of our activities oriented toward our spiritual path’s direction, because the energy of the North Node is one of the main conditions in following our path.

The two nodes being in opposition, it is impossible to reach the qualities of the North Node without alchemizing first the limitations of the South Node. 

This is why their retrograde motion will keep drawing us back (toward the South Node’s limitations) and calling upon us (toward our soul’s desire to reach the fulfillment of the North Node).

To become conscious of our hidden reflexes and impulses that come from the South Node is the first step in discovering our karmic emotional and psychological “luggage”, in order to overcome its limitations, to awaken its higher values and qualities. This attitude automatically moves the balance of the opposition toward the North Node, and it is the only way to achieve it.

As with any opposition, you have to find the balance in order to be able to incorporate both experiences within yourself, but as long as you are guided by the limitations of the South Node, it is quite impossible to reach for the higher values of the North Node.

I recommend you to study the zodiac sign that your South Node is in, discovering its faults and weaknesses, then try to find the vales of the respective zodiac sign and orient your conscious behavior toward those values.
It will be a huge step toward finding your spiritual path in this life and fulfilling it with joy and happyness.

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