Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Sagittarius Erogenous Zones

The hips and tights are really special for the Sagittarius woman, and so is the hair. Play with it, caress it, comb it, pull it gently… the effects are soon to follow. 

Your woman born in Sagittarius will purr like a kitty. And there is one more thing... do this for a while and you might just ignite her fiery passion…

As for the Sagittarius man, he’s very vulnerable near the genitals, kisses in that area will delight him. 

Even more delightful would be taking your tongue up his tights from the knees. Also slight caresses of the hips have the same effect.

For the man or woman born in Sagittarius: try a hot oil massage. Use circular movements on the hips and vertical movements up and down the tights…. 

Touch him with your fingernail on his tights – it will send erotic sensations immediatly up his spine. Just be aware that you shouldn’t be surprised if you will never be able to finish the massage… if you know what I mean…
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Friday, March 25, 2011

Jupiter's Return - A Moment of Divine Grace

Jupiter’s return happens every 12 years, it is the moment when Jupiter reaches the same position it was when we were born.

It is a moment of extreme grace and spiritual influence, moment when most of the people change their beliefs fundamentally. It brings events and personas who can help us find our spiritual guidance, reform our spiritual beliefs.

The second return is crucial, it happens around the age of 24, and it is a period when we have to decide what we want to do with our lives, otherwise we can spend the next 12 years of our lives in a quite pointless wandering (of course divine grace is always above us and reaches out for us).

This is the moment when we decide between our mind’s desires and our deep spiritual aspirations.

Depending on our birth chart, it asks from us sincerity, and puts us in situations when we have to give and receive spiritual help, it can awake our inner guide through helping others...

To find out more on your own Jupiter return and on the specific aspects of your natal chart, write to us at our online astrology reading page.
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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Solar Return - How I can make my birthday happier and make it the best year for me

Each year, we celebrate our birthday, as being the day we came into this physical existence. In the same period, plus-minus a day or so we have an astrological moment of birth. Although it might not be the same day when we celebrate our birthday, it is a moment of an extreme importance, it is the moment when the Sun reaches the exact same position it was the moment we were born.

This position marks the start of the new astrological year for us, and its chart has a special meaning. Just think about how we tend to act and experience things differently from year to year, it is partially because we have a different Ascendant each year, depending on the hour for the Solar Return, and the location we are at in this moment.

This chart can tell us a lot of things regarding the year we step into, beginning with the lessons we neglected last year, all the particular lessons we have to face and learn during the year, the area where our karma will manifest stronger, the area of our life where we will tend to make mistakes, our relational behavior and so on...

Few people know and take advantage of this moment to “charge” it as they want, knowing its significance and building their future year on this energy of the void that manifest in these moments.

The yearly chart together with our transits can reveal a lot to us regarding the astral nature of the period and all the grace and the lessons that we are facing more or less unconsciously...

I can tell you what your Ascendant will be this year for you (or already is, if your birthday this year has passed), and also help you take advantage of the transits in combination with the Ascendent. 

You can find these things out from a mini astrology reading, if you only want some brief information about them, or from a full astrology reading, where you can find out more details about your year and the relationships between the transits and the yearly Ascendant. 
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Saturday, March 19, 2011

Scorpio Erogenous Zones

Hmmm… Scorpio… What do you think is the most erogenous area for a Scorpio? If you haven’t had the pleasure of having a Scorpio as a lover, I will tell you.

Even more than other star signs, Scorpios have the most sensitive, eroticly speaking, sexual organs. For the man, a simple touch in that area will be turning him into a vulcano. 

He gets aroused even when he is wearing tight pants over the boxers. So, women, be sure to play with that!

Talking about women and playing, the Scorpio woman can also get aroused easily and even by herself. She is so sensitive in the genital area, that if she crosses her legs and moves them slightly in this position, she can get greatly aroused as the labias rub on each other.

Nothing in this world makes a Scorpio man happier than the moment when his lovers tongue touches the head of his penis. And, isn’t it obvious that the Scorpio woman is also highly delighted by cunnilingus?

Here’s another quick tip, if you want to have the Scorpio in the palms of your hands, just play with his or her intimate parts…
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Thursday, March 17, 2011

Important Astrological Moments In Our Life

A lot of people came to me these days, complaining about a hard time in their lives, not knowing what is happening, and wondering if there is a solution for them…

After several discussions, I decided to write a set of articles, to bring enlightenment regarding important astrological moments of our lives… everyone goes through them, most of us unconsciously, and missing the whole point… we can complain, fight, find solutions to our problems, but when divine providence is sending us some messages through the planets transiting our natal chart, it is much easier if someone who knows about them gives us some advice…

I will elaborate for each of these moments the frequency we go through them, and some of their effects and lessons, but the specific areas of your life that they manifest in, depends on your birth chart reading.

There are a lot other, but these are quite regular and can be more easily identified…

So here they come, I will list here a few, and complete with others on the fly…

Solar return
This is our astrological “birthday”, marking each year the moment the Sun reaches the exact same position it was when we came into this world…

Jupiter’s return
It can be a moment of some divine changes…

Saturn’s return
Some people can be forced quite insistently through sufferance to change their life…

Saturn crossing MC, the ASC and the DESC
Moments of karmic events…

Jupiter crossing MC, the ASC and the DESC
Moments of divine grace, if we pay attention…

Mars’ return
If a man changes over night, Mars’ return might be happening…

Lilith’s return
If a woman suddenly becomes unbearable, Lilith’s return is certainly happening…

Lilith crossing MC
A moment you have to pay really good attention to your decisions…

These are just a few, I’ll probably complete the list with several other events… knowing and respecting these moments can be enlightening and really helpful for an efficient change in our lives… they all come with a lesson, and with a great potential, we just have to pay attention..

I invite you to subscribe, in order for you to be announced personally when I will be posting the article for each of the subjects I have been talking to you about. 
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Saturday, March 12, 2011

Libra Erogenous Zones

On the lower side of the back, and on the buttocks you will find very sensitive areas for your Libra. When you dance or go out for a walk on the romantic streets, caress her slightly on her loins.

When in more intimate moments, put your hands on her buttocks and take her higher and higher with small circular motions from the base of her spine towards the shoulders.

Push moderately on her skin and then get back to the buttocks for the grand finale. You might be the witness of a Libra melting in the frenzy of love making.

As for the Libra man, well, he goes crazy when her lover touches his loins with her breast. She will never have to do this twice, his reaction will be extraordinarily fast.

The buttocks are a very erogenous zone for the Libra star signs. The Libra woman loves to be massaged, she likes her love to go deeper into the skin, she likes to be caressed and also pinched in that area. 

 She also loves the sexual positions that allow her lover to admire her buttocks while penetrating her from the back.

Libras are well known by their extremely nice and rounded buttocks, so when you make love to such a woman, don’t forget to use the tips and tricks I’ve told you about, of course, only if you want to drive her crazy. 
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Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Virgo Erogenous Zones

If you want to turn on a Virgo star sign, you should never bypass the stomach. The whole magic area from the pubic bone, to the top of the chest, with its hills and mountains, is an area that for Virgo sings, is just delightful. 

You can explore those parts of his or her body with your fingers, running up and down the skin, with simple caresses around that area, with your tongue, or even by very slight touches by your hair. Want to wake-up fine sensations in the part that is most arousing for the Virgo’s? You can do that by simply moving your nails, back and forth on the stomach and if you do this with sensuality, you will not be waiting too much to see the results…

You can also provide some sensual delights if you use on the same portion of the body a sponge with a soap caring a flowery scent, and also in warm bath water. Your Virgo might also greatly enjoy the sensation the shower water has on her abdomen, especially if you let her sit on your lap and you penetrate her from the back, letting the hot stream of water to wash her abdomen.

When in bed, using circular motions, get closer and closer to the navel area and continue the same way. Put the tip of your tongue directly on the navel and continue the same circular motion. You will stir her up faster than you could ever think you would!
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Monday, March 7, 2011

Leo Erogenous Zones

Veeery well, let’s suppose you got your Leo in the right place… and it’s not a palace that’s furnished in a Ludovican style. Still, you can suggest luxury by some old Barocan candlesticks, some curtains or a purple bedspread that at least looks like silk, and whatever you can do to make a place feel luxurious for your Leo. Where should your sensual games start?

You can start in the bathroom. Try rubbing the Leo’s back with a sponge until his/her skin turns pink. The back is also a particularly sensitive erotic area. 

Move your hands slowly down his or her spine, until the base of the column, and before you take the road back, towards the neck, pay special attention to the Leo’s loins. Your Leo will purr like a kitty – and probably will invite you into the tub.

In bed, slightly scratch your Leo man’s back. It will arouse his ardour and virility at heights never imagined before. 
If you want to turn on a Leo woman, you can choose to walk some cashmere fringes slightly over her back all the way down from her shoulders to her buttocks. 

Continue the stirring game with a small hair brush, the kind that barbers use to apply the talcum powder. Go through the same areas, spending more time around the loins. You will surely discover all the passion in the Lioness.  
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Friday, March 4, 2011

Cancer Erogenous Zones

One of the ways in which you can get your Cancer to new heights of excitement, weather your lover is a Cancer man or a Cancer woman, is the kiss of the souls – deep and profound kisses, with the complete usage of the tongue and teeth. The Cancer star signs kiss up until orgasm!

However, the most sensitive part of their body is the breasts. The man, as well as the woman born in Cancer, has a great response when his/her nipples are touched, kneaded with the lips or with the fingers. 

Caressing the underside of the breasts with slight movements of the fingers or with the fingertips, awake the most intense sexual desires. Cancers also love their nipples to be held between the forefinger and the index finger, and twist it like a clock button. Even in the latter part of foreplay, a light touch of the breasts or nipples will increase the lust.

A little secret for the woman that is making love to a Cancer man: move your hand over his chest, barely touching his skin. The hair on all of his body will be errect, showing you how all his body is vibrating. If you will continue doing that, you will simply make him melt with pleasure. 
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Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Gemini Erogenous Zones

For the Gemini star signs, the palms and the hands are very sensitive erotic areas. The Gemini woman especially respons extraordinarily well to a parade of kisses that cover up her hands.

Want to turn on and your Gemini man? Want to see him melt like a snowman in the desert? Well, try sucking on his finger, slowly, one by one…

When her lover passes his hand slowly over her arm, the Gemini lover is overwhelmed. 

A touch that is barely felt by her, gets her shivering and feels like all the nerve endings are going crazy as his skin touches hers. If you playfully caress a Gemini (man or woman, feels as intense) on the tip of the fingers, this can stir shivers throughout the spine.

Kisses on the inside of the arm are a special treat for them. For an interesting variation and a provocative one, move your tongue and lips slightly from the elbow to the shoulders. 

You will see how this will make the signals of desire light up.

What’s your take on this one? Do you know other tricks that work for the Gemini?
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