Wednesday, December 28, 2011

2012 Astrology Predictions - The Year of Change (2 of 4)

Uranus and Neptune until now...
          The second to settle is Uranus; it entered Aries in March 2011 after staying almost 8 years in Pisces, where it finalized its revolution around the zodiac circle. Being in mutual reception with Neptune in Aquarius, it is no wonder that art, mysticism and technology got way out of control, everyone being free to find their individual way to express their beliefs, dreams or disagreement with the world.

This period humanity invented everything everyone needs to escape reality and to find their “freedom” in illusion. The high-tech drugs like television and internet are the most efficient way for most of the people to maintain themselves in their own virtual and imaginary reality, lacking any contact with the outer world beside the information they have on a screen.

Also technology is used to obtain mystical states, brainwave technology, audio and video programs are used to induce and maintain higher states of consciousness and to develop a more efficient and sometimes more spiritual use of our brain.

An explosion in video games, 3D theaters (and even 7D lately) tests our discernment whether we lock ourselves behind this sensorial illusion, or we use it to discover our higher potential and experience spiritual aspects of this world that are out of our reach physically.

This position of Uranus and Neptune “revolutionized” arts also. Digital art and animation made possible to express our imagination beyond imagination, those who have access to subtle paradises have the chance to express them with millions of colors and forms with the aid of a computer, but everyone has the chance to bring monsters alive too.

Everyone has all the materials and equipments to create whatever they want or need in arts, but Neptune’s mist and Uranus’s extremes brought also freaks and dark sides into the arts. If we look at arts now, usually there is either breathtaking divine beauty or the darkest aspects of human imagination.

In this era, that has just ended, we were shown our power over manifestation (at least at a very personal and limited level), everyone, opened up to a new way of being had the chance to discover new truths, a whole different way to express their freedom and a million ways to discover mystical experiences.

Uranus and Neptune in 2012...

Now that they have changed their signs, Uranus and Neptune will exercise a whole new influence over our planet.

Uranus in Aries will bring the revolution to the “I AM” of Aries. Everything that we’ve known about ourselves, the way we expressed ourselves will change and be integrated into a greater picture.

Uranus is the planet that governs spiritual groups and friendship; Aries is the sign with the most powerful sense of individuality; the combination will result in a profound change of how individuality is perceived and will create the conditions to understand the meaning of the “I am” beyond what society has taught of us, to understand that the “I am“ does not mean a separation, but a unity with the rest of the world, just as the “I am” of a cell does not separate it from the “I am” of an organism.

The courage to use our higher potential is another energy that Uranus will awaken within our beings, to have the initiative to grow, to exceed our limitations, and also exceed the limitations of our own individuality.

To find new ways of being, the freedom for everyone to be as they want to, the freedom to explore their limits full of courage and living completely in the present.

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