Friday, August 19, 2011

Synastry Chart - Relationship Astrology Analysis

The synastry chart is a table representing the planets and angles of the two natal charts and what is more important, their relationship in terms of degrees between them on the zodiac circle.

These aspects are subject to the basics of astrology so I will not detail them here, the calculation of a synastry chart can be done with a computer program and also by free applications on the internet.
This chart has the extraordinary gift to show us the way the energies move between the planets and angles of the couple’s individuals, the way energy is circulating between the elements of their natal charts.

Any problem or joy within a couple can be located on the synastry chart, this is the first step in the analysis of a relationship, finding their strengths and weaknesses, their gifts and their shortcomings. 

Most of the couples never move out of the synastry chart’s aspects, remaining on a more or less superficial level regarding the aspects that they perceive as a problem, because of what the other does or how the other behaves. This kind of approach is quite limiting, but for those who don’t have the need for deeper understanding in terms of spiritual evolution can be of great help in understanding the mechanisms that cause their problems. 

Usually, when a couple is only interested in how to solve problems that exists “because of the other”, I try to guide them through their natal chart in understanding their own responsibilities regarding that problem, thus forming a team that is working together due to a wider (not necessarily deeper) understanding.

Excerpt from my next book: Building The Perfect Love - An Astrological Approach

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