Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Fire Signs Aries, Leo and Sagittarius Motivation

Back to motivation...

As I said before, the motivational process is a very complex one, but depending on the dominant energy of someone, we can always find the way to motivate him/her, or even better, to self-motivate our own attitudes.

Usually the element of the dominant energy is the basis for this process, and it slightly differs from sign to sign within the same element.

A dominant Fire energy will always be motivated by his image in front of others (and obviously himself).

Although Aries for example seems a very individualistic personality, he is always competing with someone... he will always try to prove his superiority, and reacts unconsciously to anything that someone says he can’t do...
In this situation, motivation should be based on overcoming our own limits and limitations, proving ourselves that tomorrow we will be better than today, even if this needs some references on the outside.

Leo energy is very different when it comes to motivation... being in the light and others admitting his merits is the best motivation a Leo-type energy can find. He will always want to be the best, even if it is not necessarily his own merit, or even if he is not, it is important that others perceive him like that.

This is why those who have Leo energy, can easily motivate themselves by asking the question “How will I look in front of others after I’ve done this?”

Sagittarius is a whole different story... for them the image is connected to their mental and spiritual superiority, and they even do things that are not necessarily toward a good image in front of others, but this will make them look superior, because they allow themselves to do it...

On the other hand the need to teach and guide others is very deep in the mind of this sign, we’ll just have to remember that in order to guide others, we have to gain the knowledge through direct experience... this way motivation becomes a simple reasoning to see the experience you gain through what you are doing, to be able to use it afterwards for guiding others.
Next time... earth signs...

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