Thursday, July 7, 2011

Earth Signs Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn Motivation

Earth signs are motivated by practical things, usually something measurable as a certain value or expressed in an objective manner. Usually they will not move until an action is quantified in terms of money, time, effort, and measurable results on their behalf.

Taurus will always be motivated by material things, money, valuables of any kind, but also pleasure is a very strong motivator, strong enough to sometimes leave responsibilities in order to fulfill his needs. 
Taurus will always go for gathering more and more of what offers him security and comfort, even if it means to put some effort in it, he has enough energy to obtain it.

Virgo might be a tougher nut to crack, because the complex mental evaluation systems he has are sometimes really hard to fire up. His motivation is based on the detailed mental analysis of what is to do, but if you know a Virgo well enough, you surely know what are those values that he respects and toward which he is easy to be guided to. 

Being an earth sign, after he is convinced of the actions’ results, he can become also unstoppable, following his plans in detail and very insistently.

Capricorn energy can be easily motivated with something that fits into their plans on the long term. Even if it is not in their interest for the moment, but it is part of their bigger agenda, they will instantly get involved and become very reliable and responsible with their tasks and schedules. 

If something does not fit into their plans... well that’s another story, you might never get results, you will have to at least give the personal experience some useful application....

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