Friday, July 29, 2011

Crescent Moon – Accumulation and Assimilation: Phases of The Moon

After the New Moon the Moon starts “growing” from, entering a period when all the accumulative processes are more intense than in the rest of the Moon’s phases. This period the assimilation of the minerals, vitamins, food and liquids in the body are much more intense then in the rest. 

This period represents the absorption of the energy and its balanced distribution. Because of these amplified processes it is a very favorable period for vitality, regeneration and recharging both physically and energetically.

Due to the Crescent Moon’s influence the acquiring of new information, acquisitions of any type are welcome, also it is important to be aware that if we ingest more vitamins and minerals they have a more powerful effect, but it is the same with anything that is poisonous for the organism.  We also have to keep in mind that during this period the eliminative processes are slower and more difficult.

The maximum of its effect is when the Moon reaches the square with the Sun, some consider this influence quite hard, sometimes it can create a shocking effect of the accumulation directly within our beings, of information, substances or subtle energy, and some perceive a state of being “too much” of something this period.

It is important during the two weeks of the Crescent Moon to use every opportunity, to utilize every resource and chance that is coming toward us, they will flourish and fructify easily after that.

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