Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Amy Winehouse's Death and The Oslo Bombing - Another Kind of Perspective

Interesting world we live in... the two greatest news these days were the death of a singer, and the foolish act of a possessed (by my opinion) individual who killed tens of people to prove something that can never be proved this way...

The death of Amy Winehouse is not something unexpected or out of the ordinary... if you saw her standing drunk and drugged on the stage, everybody could see it coming, so I really don’t understand what is such a big deal… plus with that much Leo and Sagittarius energy, the need for being in the spotlight is huge... Her Venus and Mars, together with the South Node in Sagittarius have a powerful impulse toward fame and fortune, but at the same time her Virgo Sun sign energy (and several planets together with the South Node in the 6th house) ask for simplicity and modesty. Her Sagittarius South Node can make her believe (at an unconscious level) that somehow the rules do not apply to her, that she is so much different than others that she could do anything she want and still be all right... the search for mysticism driven by the Moon conjunct with Neptune can find various ways... one of them is through drugs and alcohol, instead of inspired and pure art, combined with a higher understanding...

Just like those at Oslo (may God take care and guide their souls), and the big majority of the human kind, Amy Winehouse lived her life as it would be possible to keep the ignorance up going forever... most of the human beings have the same attitude... we live our ignorant little lives, running after cars, houses, food, children, parties, sex, everything our society tells us to value, and there are very few that are conscious about the fact, that our lives might end very suddenly, without even having the chance of truly living it. 

We never know when a demoniac human being shows up with a machine gun and starts shooting... it would be time for us to wake up and see further than our salary and bank account, our house and car, our plans in hooking up with someone at a party in our despair for being alone or our uncontrollable desire to ejaculate...

All these aspects work fine for human beings that are the robots this society wants us to be... but all the events around us should be an alarm to awaken us, that our lives might not go according to our expectations forever, and that the sooner we ask intelligent and spiritual questions like “who am I?” and “why am I here?”, the sooner we will realize that there are realities beyond the understanding of the ordinary human level...

We all have the need to discover our nature beyond the ordinary human “reality”, even Amy Winehouse had it, but drugs are not the way in overcoming our limitations (as many examples prove it)... all those who feel lost in this world feel this way because deep inside they know that there is something more to it than this limited existence, they just can’t find the way toward it...

Someone once said: “we either are divine beings, or unconscious tools for evil”... it is time to decide, because it seems there is not much time left...

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