Thursday, June 30, 2011

Prince Albert de Monaco and Charlene Wittstock Wedding - Synastry Chart

The synastry chart of Prince Albert de Monaco, born in the Pisces sign, and Charlene Wittstock born in the Aquarius sign, is the one for a perfect couple (at least when it comes to the social and physical aspects), because on the personal planets all they have are conjunctions, sextiles and trines. These are the softest way for God to teach us lessons, but not necessarily the most efficient in the terms of awakening... we all know that a cold shower is sometimes welcome to awaken someone...


From a karmic point of view (although there are some conjunctions of Charlene’s South Node with some elements of Prince Albert’s natal chart) they also have a free relationship, meaning that they have no karmic debt one to another whatsoever...

The only area with tensions is regarding rules, regulations and beliefs... both their Jupiter send several squares to the personal planets, and although her Jupiter makes a trine with his, this only works when both of them are centered, generous and full of joy, following their own natal Jupiter’s requirements...

On a personal level, Charlene has a personality of Air-Fire combination, and Prince Albert has Water-Earth predominance, they are perfectly completing each other, especially as they both have the rest of the elements represented too in their charts...

This has the gift, when they are all right with themselves, a spontaneous balance and harmony appears, but when they individually have problems, it can translate very quickly into radical belief and value differences.

Fortunately, all the light aspects of their chart help a lot when it comes to tension, and you can tell that they are very well fit one for another.

May God bless their union and give them everything they need to be happy, inspired an in harmony of their divine nature.

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