Monday, April 18, 2011

The Transits of Lilith: Important Astrological Moments in Our Lives

I felt the need to complete the article on Lilith’s revolution, to make you better understand what this energy means, and how it acts in transit, to give you a glimpse on what potential it can come with if we pay attention.

Lilith, also called the Black Moon, is the master of illusion, the temptress who leads you to the deepest and darkest corners of your being, showing you all the repressed fears, strange ideas and aspirations, forcing you to face your own being’s dark side. Wherever it passes, Lilith raises from the depth of our beings all that is unclean, mean, old and useless, strange aspirations and inferior tendencies.

If we listen to her voice, all that is coming is confusion, sorrow, depression and despair, but if we have the discernment to see through her veil, we will gain her power, and be able to master our own inner world and to control our fears and overcome our limitations.

What we have to understand is that Lilith is a necessary “evil” energy and with its help, we can discover our true nature, our subconscious limitations and all the aspects that can depart us from our spiritual path.
Lilith is an instrument for the power of illusion, we decide how much we let ourselves led by this energy...  a powerful mind and a pure heart can never be deceived by her games.

Lilith’s transit over the planets from our natal chart awakens the planets anti-spiritual energy, the tendency to use the energy of the planet in a self-destructive and descending way, testing our discernment and aspiration, giving us the chance to clarify our direction and our self-consciousness.
The transit over the angles of the chart are very important and decisive moments , of which few are conscious, and many make long term decisions under the influence of these “inspirations”.

Lilith in transit over the Ascendant
It generates a personality crises, raises the sensation that we don’t know who we are anymore, and that we can’t find our path, all because Lilith’s blurry vision. The temptation to follow other paths for our evolution can be really dangerous; beginning new things during this transit can be destructive and deceiving. It is important to follow the path that we have chosen before this transit, even if other paths might be very appealing during this period, and the urge to abandon the old-ones is really intense.

Lilith in transit over the bottom of the sky - IC
This transit amplifies the problems within the family, it creates the sensation that we can’t find our place anymore, that we don’t have intimacy, sleep can be disturbed and the need to change the place we live in can generate a lot of pressure. It is important to resolve all the problems that arise from the past, and not neglect them no more.

Lilith in transit over the Descendant
This transit can be a real challenge, because Lilith will guide us toward persons that can be a big deception for us. It can create a false sensation of happiness or of boredom, it is a period when the temptation to cheat, deceive and use the other person in your own interest are very intense. Love is the only solution to overcome these inferior manifestations, dedication and caring are the attitudes that can overcome jealousy, fears of loss, attachments and other poisons. By passing these tests we can ensure a happy and reinforced relationship with all its benefits....

Lilith in transit over Midheaven – MC
This transit awakens strange aspirations and the refuse of transformation and spiritual orientation whatsoever.  On the professional level, it might temp us with leadership positions, maybe even “better”  jobs or businesses, but we have to be careful, because these “opportunities” might be a “selling” of our soul, leading to compromises and sufferance on the long term, so during this transit we have to be humble and ask guidance from God in finding our spiritual and professional way...
I will probably come back with more on the subject of Lilith, it is a fascinating element of the astrology birth chart interpretation, which can teach us a lot through its occult power...

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