Friday, April 8, 2011

Important Astrological Moments: Saturn's Return

The first revolution of Saturn takes place at around 28-29 years, and usually transforms radically one’s life, depending on the house where Saturn is positioned in our birth chart.

The quality of those few months during this revolution, depend on what we have done with our life in those 29 years, because all the karma that we ignored until this point is coming to life.

It is a point where we cannot ignore anymore the question “who am I”,  because through limiting our freedom, Saturn puts in front of us all the problems of the natal Saturn that we managed to ignore so far.

We have to learn to accept responsibilities in the area of life where it is happening, but in the same time to have an attitude of abandon in front of God’s will, thus becoming capable of living the present fully.

For those who oppose this kind of change and rearranging of their lives, Saturn’s return can be devastating, because it is manifesting through events, not just mental or emotional states, and Saturn is much more patient and powerful than our own little ego.

This is why for some it creates the sensation that the sufferance will never end, but if we become aware of our own limitations, and let them go consciously, Saturn will bring into our lives everything we need to fulfill our spiritual meaning for this life.

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