Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Pisces Erogenous Zones

For the Pisces star signs, the foot is the most sensitive and erotic. They respond to gentle massages and to the caressment of the heel and tenon. 

The Pisces are also very responsive to the slight touch of the base of the foot with a feather or when each of the toes are liked, just like a lollipop.

You can start from the ankle bone going in circular motions towards the foot, going down towards the toes. 

Also if you knead them between your hands or catch them in your mouth and move them slightly, the Pisces star sign, weather a woman or a man, will be trembling with pleasure.

The Pisces woman is delighted when she gets to masturbate his lover with her feet. She does that by slowly spinning his penis between the cushions of her feet. This might sound weird for conservative people, but the Pisces man gets very stimulated when his thumb enter his lover’s vagina or if he rubs his feet above her pubis and her anal area.

Soaking his or her feet in water before any erotic touch make the Pisces much more receptive and responsive to any further delights. 

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