Friday, April 1, 2011

Capricorn Erogenous Zones

The Capricorn man likes his girlfriend to slowly caress her nipples across his face, his mouth, his chest, his abdomen and his genitals. This will be ravashing for him.

The passion of a Capricorn woman gathers a hurricane force if she is kissed on the belly or behind the knees, yes, we agree, it may seem odd, but just give it a try, and you will be amazed by the effect. The skin around the belly button is particularly sensitive for Capricorn star signs. Also the skin behind the knees reacts to sensory stimuli like it does in the case of the upper part of the hips for other women.

The Capricorn man star sign, as well as the Capricorn woman have a great reaction when the massage starts at the hips area and slowly goes upwards on one side and the other of the spine. They adore the feeling of the lover's tongue going in slow little circles around the vertabrae.

Many Capricorns say they are excited by axilism. This form of pleasure achieved by the rubbing of the armit... What can we say, you don't know until you try it, so if you have a Capricorn lover take the initiative and test it out.

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