Monday, April 4, 2011

Aquarius Erogenous Zones

The sensitive areas are the legs and ankles. 

Any love making position in which these sensitive parts of the Aquarius are touched, significantly stimulates desire. 

Rub your palm over his/her ankle and move foward motion towards the leg. Sooth the skin with an almost absent gust of air… you will be pleased by the way the Aquarius will react.

Try to make love in a standing position, in which the Aquarius woman passes her leg behind your knee and passes her ankle and foot behind your leg. 

You might do this in an out of the ordinary place, which Aquariuses like, which is a swimming pool and even more, you get a plus in the effectiveness of the position.

Also other positions that allow contact the the leg and ankle will always grow the erotic delight. 

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