Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Virgo Erogenous Zones

If you want to turn on a Virgo star sign, you should never bypass the stomach. The whole magic area from the pubic bone, to the top of the chest, with its hills and mountains, is an area that for Virgo sings, is just delightful. 

You can explore those parts of his or her body with your fingers, running up and down the skin, with simple caresses around that area, with your tongue, or even by very slight touches by your hair. Want to wake-up fine sensations in the part that is most arousing for the Virgo’s? You can do that by simply moving your nails, back and forth on the stomach and if you do this with sensuality, you will not be waiting too much to see the results…

You can also provide some sensual delights if you use on the same portion of the body a sponge with a soap caring a flowery scent, and also in warm bath water. Your Virgo might also greatly enjoy the sensation the shower water has on her abdomen, especially if you let her sit on your lap and you penetrate her from the back, letting the hot stream of water to wash her abdomen.

When in bed, using circular motions, get closer and closer to the navel area and continue the same way. Put the tip of your tongue directly on the navel and continue the same circular motion. You will stir her up faster than you could ever think you would!

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