Saturday, March 19, 2011

Scorpio Erogenous Zones

Hmmm… Scorpio… What do you think is the most erogenous area for a Scorpio? If you haven’t had the pleasure of having a Scorpio as a lover, I will tell you.

Even more than other star signs, Scorpios have the most sensitive, eroticly speaking, sexual organs. For the man, a simple touch in that area will be turning him into a vulcano. 

He gets aroused even when he is wearing tight pants over the boxers. So, women, be sure to play with that!

Talking about women and playing, the Scorpio woman can also get aroused easily and even by herself. She is so sensitive in the genital area, that if she crosses her legs and moves them slightly in this position, she can get greatly aroused as the labias rub on each other.

Nothing in this world makes a Scorpio man happier than the moment when his lovers tongue touches the head of his penis. And, isn’t it obvious that the Scorpio woman is also highly delighted by cunnilingus?

Here’s another quick tip, if you want to have the Scorpio in the palms of your hands, just play with his or her intimate parts…

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