Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Sagittarius Erogenous Zones

The hips and tights are really special for the Sagittarius woman, and so is the hair. Play with it, caress it, comb it, pull it gently… the effects are soon to follow. 

Your woman born in Sagittarius will purr like a kitty. And there is one more thing... do this for a while and you might just ignite her fiery passion…

As for the Sagittarius man, he’s very vulnerable near the genitals, kisses in that area will delight him. 

Even more delightful would be taking your tongue up his tights from the knees. Also slight caresses of the hips have the same effect.

For the man or woman born in Sagittarius: try a hot oil massage. Use circular movements on the hips and vertical movements up and down the tights…. 

Touch him with your fingernail on his tights – it will send erotic sensations immediatly up his spine. Just be aware that you shouldn’t be surprised if you will never be able to finish the massage… if you know what I mean…

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