Saturday, March 12, 2011

Libra Erogenous Zones

On the lower side of the back, and on the buttocks you will find very sensitive areas for your Libra. When you dance or go out for a walk on the romantic streets, caress her slightly on her loins.

When in more intimate moments, put your hands on her buttocks and take her higher and higher with small circular motions from the base of her spine towards the shoulders.

Push moderately on her skin and then get back to the buttocks for the grand finale. You might be the witness of a Libra melting in the frenzy of love making.

As for the Libra man, well, he goes crazy when her lover touches his loins with her breast. She will never have to do this twice, his reaction will be extraordinarily fast.

The buttocks are a very erogenous zone for the Libra star signs. The Libra woman loves to be massaged, she likes her love to go deeper into the skin, she likes to be caressed and also pinched in that area. 

 She also loves the sexual positions that allow her lover to admire her buttocks while penetrating her from the back.

Libras are well known by their extremely nice and rounded buttocks, so when you make love to such a woman, don’t forget to use the tips and tricks I’ve told you about, of course, only if you want to drive her crazy. 

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