Monday, March 7, 2011

Leo Erogenous Zones

Veeery well, let’s suppose you got your Leo in the right place… and it’s not a palace that’s furnished in a Ludovican style. Still, you can suggest luxury by some old Barocan candlesticks, some curtains or a purple bedspread that at least looks like silk, and whatever you can do to make a place feel luxurious for your Leo. Where should your sensual games start?

You can start in the bathroom. Try rubbing the Leo’s back with a sponge until his/her skin turns pink. The back is also a particularly sensitive erotic area. 

Move your hands slowly down his or her spine, until the base of the column, and before you take the road back, towards the neck, pay special attention to the Leo’s loins. Your Leo will purr like a kitty – and probably will invite you into the tub.

In bed, slightly scratch your Leo man’s back. It will arouse his ardour and virility at heights never imagined before. 
If you want to turn on a Leo woman, you can choose to walk some cashmere fringes slightly over her back all the way down from her shoulders to her buttocks. 

Continue the stirring game with a small hair brush, the kind that barbers use to apply the talcum powder. Go through the same areas, spending more time around the loins. You will surely discover all the passion in the Lioness.  

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