Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Gemini Erogenous Zones

For the Gemini star signs, the palms and the hands are very sensitive erotic areas. The Gemini woman especially respons extraordinarily well to a parade of kisses that cover up her hands.

Want to turn on and your Gemini man? Want to see him melt like a snowman in the desert? Well, try sucking on his finger, slowly, one by one…

When her lover passes his hand slowly over her arm, the Gemini lover is overwhelmed. 

A touch that is barely felt by her, gets her shivering and feels like all the nerve endings are going crazy as his skin touches hers. If you playfully caress a Gemini (man or woman, feels as intense) on the tip of the fingers, this can stir shivers throughout the spine.

Kisses on the inside of the arm are a special treat for them. For an interesting variation and a provocative one, move your tongue and lips slightly from the elbow to the shoulders. 

You will see how this will make the signals of desire light up.

What’s your take on this one? Do you know other tricks that work for the Gemini?

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