Friday, March 4, 2011

Cancer Erogenous Zones

One of the ways in which you can get your Cancer to new heights of excitement, weather your lover is a Cancer man or a Cancer woman, is the kiss of the souls – deep and profound kisses, with the complete usage of the tongue and teeth. The Cancer star signs kiss up until orgasm!

However, the most sensitive part of their body is the breasts. The man, as well as the woman born in Cancer, has a great response when his/her nipples are touched, kneaded with the lips or with the fingers. 

Caressing the underside of the breasts with slight movements of the fingers or with the fingertips, awake the most intense sexual desires. Cancers also love their nipples to be held between the forefinger and the index finger, and twist it like a clock button. Even in the latter part of foreplay, a light touch of the breasts or nipples will increase the lust.

A little secret for the woman that is making love to a Cancer man: move your hand over his chest, barely touching his skin. The hair on all of his body will be errect, showing you how all his body is vibrating. If you will continue doing that, you will simply make him melt with pleasure. 

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