Monday, February 28, 2011

Taurus Erogenous Zones

Taurus’ sensitive zone is the neck. When you want to provoke the Taurus start with slight caresses on the back, from the base of the skull and passing slowly towards the neck. You can add kisses on the neck and you will surely set the Taurus on fire.

Endless are the occasions for these kinds of “accidental” touches. When you fix up his tie, for example, you can let your fingers glide easily over that sensitive area. 
You will be amazed of his quick reaction to what seemed to be just an innocent touch!

On the beach, a light caress on her delicious neck as the grains of sand that fall on the sensitive parts of her neck send rapid signals to the Taurus’ brain telling her that pleasure is close and so is a feeling of being high.

In the intimacy of your room, her neck should be your target...

Passionate kisses and light bites on the back of the neck brings Taurus women in a ample state of arousal, just take it slow and easy, don’t force things into happening and keep your moves slow, passionate and intimate.  

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