Sunday, February 6, 2011

Sagittarius secrets to The Secret… what holds you back or pushes you forward, depending on your zodiac sign in applying “The secret”

Applying the secret is a conscious act. It is an act of will that implies every aspect of your conscious being, all your personal will and all your vital energy to get closer to what your soul desires. 

All these aspects I mentioned above are connected and, depending on how you use the energy of the Sun from your personal birth chart


Usually Sagittarius types have a strong predilection toward the transforming into theory everything, with a certain attitude of knowing everything about things...

This attitude has a very unpleasant effect on every stage of applying the Secret. Try to use your God-given sense of truth and justice to really help others, and find the deeper truth through this, instead of posing in the position of a spiritual master.


Try to focus on the practical aspects of what you want to achieve. Instead of explaining yourself the several aspects and problems that has to be overcome in achieving everything that you want, just put it simple, imagine what you would like to get and go for it, keeping in mind the practical results of the technique, not the theoretical aspects that describe it.


The best way to strengthen your belief is to speak to people who already achieved what you desire. It is important for you to have the state of a disciple, who is learning, and discovering the way, not pretending to know it. 

This humble attitude will put you in resonance with the real spiritual power of a Sagittarius, and give you access to a deep belief that what you want to achieve is possible.


Receiving will not be a problem if you manage to pass the few small tests in asking and believing... Watch out for the ego though, it will try to assume all the credit for achieving your goal, and try to teach everyone about it. Being humble again will ensure you the repeated success with "The Secret", and will give you the chance to pass on your experience to others, experience which comes in time, and with several applications of it...

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