Friday, February 25, 2011

Aries erogenous zones: Zodiac signs erogenous zones

The sensitive areas for the Aries woman and for the Aries man are, as you might very well know, the head or the face.

Aries star signs react to light caresses of the forehead, to playing with their hair or when you touch the skin of the scalp, massaging it or just simply combing their hair.

Walk your fingers gently over its temples; slowly touching the Aries' hair and it is likely that the fiery passion of the Aries will be aroused.

You might also have a good response if you bite in a playful way its ear, lets not say about the way an Aries woman reacts when the lover blows hot air into her ears.

Light bites of the lips have fiery effects, even more so, if you bite the upper lip, which is connected to the other two highly arousable parts of the body you already know about, the flames of passion will be sure to come.

Want to produce a fine shiver on her spine? Well, just kiss her slowly on the lid and see the effect.

Bearded men delight the Aries woman, when his cheek rubs against hers, thousands of sensations creep up the nerve endings.
If you are freshly shaved, don't worry. Touch her lips with your fingers and she will be thrilled.

As for the Aries man, run your fingers over his lips in a circular motion. His reactions might surprise you - but do not say you weren't warned!

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