Friday, January 28, 2011

Virgo secrets to The Secret… what holds you back or pushes you forward, depending on your zodiac sign in applying “The secret”

Applying the secret is a conscious act. It is an act of will that implies every aspect of your conscious being, all your personal will and all your vital energy to get closer to what your soul desires. 

All these aspects I mentioned above are connected and, depending on how you use the energy of the Sun from your birth chart. 


Defining in detail what you want is an important process of asking, so that the Universe would know what to deliver. But if we cannot settle on a final picture because we are adding every time another small detail, the Universe will have difficulties in modifying each and every time those aspects.  So try to settle the details once and for all, and then focus on the same details every time you ask… getting lost in some minor details, especially if there are a lot of them, can be a very easy task for a Virgo.


Virgos by definition tend to be skeptical. If there are no evidence of what they are trying to achieve, if they cannot explain the source of the money, or the goods, or other aspects of manifestation, believing might be a problem for them. If you want to overcome this “minor detail”, so to speak,  and you are searching for explanation regarding the possibility of achieving what you want, just make it simple… others applied the same rules and it worked for them…


Receiving should not be a problem for a Virgo if you’ve got so far, just make sure that you put aside the same mind that always gets you into trouble… if the thing you’ve asked for is within your reach, stop thinking for a few moments and just grab it, and try to be grateful for what you have…

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