Friday, January 14, 2011

Taurus secrets to The Secret… what holds you back or pushes you forward, depending on your zodiac sign in applying “The secret”

Applying the secret is a conscious act. It is an act of will that implies every aspect of your conscious being, all your personal will and all your vital energy to get closer to what your soul desires. 

All these aspects I mentioned above are connected and, depending on how you use the energy of the Sun from your birth chart. 

Asking for too many things at once could be the problem for a Taurus energy type. The need to have indefinite quantities, and things that you don’t really want, but it would be nice to have them, are real bumps on the way to achieving. Keep in mind the Taurus’ lesson, that quality is more important than quantity, and focus on things that would really improve your life’s quality and focus on things that make the energy flow, not on those which keep it for later. For example if you want more money in your life, focus on the things you want to buy, not on a deposit in the bank.

Make sure to have a state of satisfaction.  Discontentment is the main barrier for a Taurus in believing. You have to remember constantly that God is providing you with everything you need, and be sure to use the resources what you have around you, including your own qualities, your time and every aspect of your life. This will make the energy flow and help you believe that you really can have a lot more.

When it comes to action, it might not be as easy as it seems. Try to stay focused, and remember that the Universe is asking of you to act when it delivers you all the things you asked for. You can be sure that there will be a point where you will have to let go of all those little pleasures of the moment to get the greater good in your life…

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