Monday, January 31, 2011

Libra secrets to The Secret… what holds you back or pushes you forward, depending on your zodiac sign in applying “The secret”

Applying the secret is a conscious act. It is an act of will that implies every aspect of your conscious being, all your personal will and all your vital energy to get closer to what your soul desires. 

All these aspects I mentioned above are connected and, depending on how you use the energy of the Sun from your birth chart


For the Libra personality, the hardest challenge is to decide on something… usually after he decides that finally “this is what I want!”, someone comes along, and makes him change his mind… and so on and so forth, jumping from one thing to another without giving a chance for the universe to deliver something, because it is impossible to materialize something that changes from one interaction to another.

So… make up your mind… the main lesson for a Libra, beside finding the balance and harmony, is to become complete by assimilating the energy of self confidence and the courage to be whatever he or she wants and feels should be… this is the only way to learn and get what you want, by trial and error.

Focus on one thing (after you’ve consulted everyone around you, this is most probably inevitable), and do everything by the book for that one thing you desire. After you got it, you can decide if it was a good decision, and move on to the next…


Believing is under  the same mechanism of change as asking, so make sure that after you decided the direction you are going toward, consult only with those who will sustain and encourage you in the chosen direction, try to avoid those who can seed doubt or disbelief in what you proposed to get.


This is the most pleasurable phase for a Libra, and you will enjoy it for sure. A Libra can receive from anyone and anytime, almost anything, so just relax and take every good thing the Universe has to offer. The hardest part was to decide, easier to believe and finally this is your moment…

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