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Gifts for Sagittarius women and Sagittarius men: Christmas Gifts by zodiac signs

I want to help you with a few ideas about surprising someone with your gift, taking into consideration the dominant zodiac energy from his or her natal chart, not as the Sun sign, although it might be the same for some.

I hope that ideas for buying a present will help you out even if you are not necessarily interested in astrology.

Sagittarius as dominant energy

They will probably be glad to have anything as a present, being given their natural ability to enjoy life and everything about it, but you might be more specific to their needs in a few aspects. 

They are also open to new experiences this makes them a quite challenging subject for buying a present.

Sagittarius Man gifts ideas

Sagittarius-type men are full of life, open minded, but with well defined standards and rules.

If you are planning to buy them clothes, which as for any Fire sign (Aries, Leo, Sagittarius) is of great importance because of their image in front of others, make sure to buy something that fits their standards (as brand and/or store). 

It doesn’t have to be expensive, but you have to know well their standards.

Books are welcome for Sagittarius-type personality, philosophy for example, but they will surely love encyclopedias (big-ones, with a lot of pictures in them), usually on any subject, but if you know their area of interest you should focus on that.

Sagittarius Woman gifts ideas

Being fascinated by other cultures and countries, Sagittarius-type women will always welcome presents that take them into other worlds, like statues or artifacts from other cultures, from distant lands, and to complete the effect you should have some description about the culture it comes from.

As I told you about Sagittarius-type men, books and encyclopedias are also welcome for women too, depending on their interests.

Generally for both Sagittarius Man and Sagittarius Woman

As an unforgettable experience, a trip to a country that has some exotic aspects, as the culture, with a lot of tours where he or she can expand the knowledge on the country is something a Sagittarius-type personality would really appreciate.

For example, a few days of the holiday spent in some location which you know that fascinates him or her (not necessarily another continent, but a place that has a spiritual meaning for him or her) could lift them up and recharge their batteries as well.

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