Saturday, November 6, 2010

Virgo sign glyph symbolism

After the ascension from the end of the Leo's glyph, the human being realizes that he has its fate in his own hands, that everything depends on the decisions he takes. In order not to make the same mistakes he will analyze again and again the decisions, the three lines from the glyph that take the same road again. The symbolism of the three lines is related to the in-depth analysis in the three planes of manifestation (physical, astral, causal), the three states of consciousness (subconscious, conscious, super conscious). This kind of aspiration towards perfection brings the human being strength to work, the critical eye, but also the simplicity and modesty through the comparison with the perfection to which it aspires. The analysis takes place repeatedly until the human being realizes that if he is only considering horizontally, based mainly on earthy values, he will have the tendency to repeat the same mistakes. The loop that goes back to the beginning of the glyph, symbolizes the revelation that through a state of humbleness and modesty, through recognizing our own mistakes we can get closer to the divine perfection.

The archetypal energy of the Virgo resonates with everything that is simple, modest and pure. She is the souls aspiration to everything that is perfect in a divine perspective, she is that search that puts herself in the service of God to serve any divine purpose for which she is called for.

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