Thursday, November 25, 2010

Love making by zodiac signs: Zodiac signs sex positions (part 1 of 2)

Aries sign sexuality

Prelude: anything between 0 and 3 minutes, as long as ripping the clothes off takes

Preferred sexual position:  any position he catches her in

Preferred erotic games:  50 m hurdles (when he is caught with someone else’s lover)

Taurus sign sexuality

Prelude: an unlimited time for him to be caressed

Preferred sexual position:  lying on the back

Preferred erotic games:  those with a mix of chocolate and cream

Gemini sign sexuality

Prelude: as much as he can keep on going with the jokes or as long as the phone battery lasts

Preferred sexual position:  it doesn’t really matter as long as they’re facing each other and can talk

Preferred erotic games:  couple crosswords, riddles  during making love

Cancer sign sexuality

Prelude: the infinite evoking of memories from the beginning of the relationship

Preferred sexual position: in the back… pardon me, from the back

Preferred erotic games:  playing mommy and daddy

Leo sign sexuality

Prelude: however much it takes him to get hot

Preferred sexual position: him standing up and the woman on her knees

Preferred erotic games:  looking at himself in the mirror during making love

Virgo sign sexuality

Prelude:  a lot of conversation like they wouldn’t even be going to make love

Preferred sexual position:  the missionary position

Preferred erotic games: he likes it best when she is dressed as a fully equipped house-maid

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