Sunday, November 28, 2010

Love making by zodiac signs: Zodiac signs sex positions (part 2 of 2)

Libra sign
Prelude: unending, as long as he manages to decide whom to make love to

Preferred sexual position:  the one that the lover enjoys best

Preferred erotic games: the ones that the lover likes

Scorpio sign

Prelude:  excruciatingly short

Preferred sexual position:  as deep as it can get, and if it’s possible even to hurt a bit…

Preferred erotic games: wip, handcuffs and other accesorise of that kind

Sagittarius sign

Prelude: very long, but he probably already did it with someone else

Preferred sexual position: taking into consideration his hidden spiritual needs, but he will explain it to you on the way

Preferred erotic games: the role of the sexual education  teacher

Capricorn sign

Prelude: precisely 7 minutes and 46 seconds, caresses in the zones and in predefinite order

Preferred sexual position: 3 minutes of the most efficient 5 positions and that’s it

Preferred erotic games: these things are very serious, there’s no room for games here

Aquarius sign

Prelude: if they get to make love, what they were doing before that, was the prelude

Preferred sexual position: there’s nothing like that, either we find a new position or we won’t do it at all

Preferred erotic games: spiritual gatherings and friends

Pisces sign

Prelude: a long and deeeeeep prayer

Preferred sexual position: kneeling

Preferred erotic games: the nun and the priest

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