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Spiritual Zodiac Signs Relationship Evolution (part 2 of 2)

...analyzed in the perspective of the zodiacal energies that a couple manifests as a whole...

The 7th stage:
Libra sign

At last we have gotten to a place of harmony and balance, or at least this is our impression. The peace that now reigns, with no conflicts, everything going smooth, isn't necessarily the sign of a profoundly happy relationship. We can be satisfied about the fact that there are no conflicts, but this may be the sign of comprimises on one part or on the other, in order for waters to be still. It is a stage in which we can fall into the trap of wrongfully mirroring in the other and grounding their happiness on the apparent happiness of the other, but without a profound state of objective love. It’s a stage  through which you realize that you have the tendency of being the prisoner of the relationship "fashion" of this era, a superficial relationship where nobody follows their true and profound aspirations, fearing, hurting the other. When we will be able, in this stage, to see the other in all his splendor, with all his aspirations and fears, through this we become conscious of our own splendor, of our own fears and aspirations, it means that we have grown better than we were, together as a couple.  

The 8th stage:
Scorpio sign

The transformation processes that are born in this stage are not very comfortable. The two realize that it takes a leap and consequently the deepening of some aspects of the relationship. The erotic energy, used or not until now, becomes the source of attachments and  terrible jealousies, or the cause of bothersome and stressful frustrations. It's a phase in which we must learn to use the erotic energy in a spiritual way, to be able to control and transmute it. If we fail to spiritualize the eros, and bring or  bring back a certain magic in their relationship, the transformations that will occur can create irreparable ruptures between the two of us. It takes a lot of effort to overcome this stage, to harmonize your own erotic energy and the erotic energy in the couple. The transfiguration and the power to forgive are the key elements, and the capacity of the two to let some aspects of the relationship "die", for other aspects to be born, to save the love between the two. This stage can give a spiritual direction to the relationship, which then will result in a leap toward God.

The 9th stage:
Sagittarius sign

Now we  have found a spiritual orientation and each begins to develop his own philosophical system, he finds his own spiritual path and the talks and conflicts about the other one's truth, start. The tendencies to convert the other to your own truth can be distructive unless we have enough discernment to see beyond the dogma. The need to follow a common path as each follows his own truth, can only be accomplished by finding a spiritual master, to guide the two. As a couple, by the support and guidance of a master, they can find the way to channel the transmutated energies from the Scorpio stage, to a common spiritual ideal, to a higher truth that includes both their truths.
The 10th stage:
Capricorn sign
The maturity achieved at this stage already supports a sustained effort to obtain the spiritual jumps they aspire to. It requires a constant practice, a lot of patience to enhance the experience obtained in the other stages. It's like a form of withdrawal, in which, the two are focused on the couple's responsability as a way of spiritual evolution, and the responsability towards the spiritual path they have chosen. They work together in a clearly oriented effort to achieve their spiritual goals.If they are patient enough, they will become a true source of spiritual energy for the others.

The 11th stage:
Aquarius sign

The two are prepared to offer their gifts (more or less subtle) as a couple, to the world, by their love and unity, by their aspiration, polarization and by the maturity they have assimilated in the earlier stages. They thus become a permanent Divine relay by everything they are doing together, there is a state of spiritual friendship between the two, beyond the ordinary limits of a couple relationship, because it includes the experience of spiritual evolution and mutual support on a path to God. The polarization between the two is like a magnet for the others, it's like a Divine light that shines and charges with its presence everyone around them, and from now on, the Pisces stage begins.

The 12th stage:
Pisces sign

They even go beyond this individuality of the couple and the feeling of perfect fusion with God in both of them and in everyone else, appears. From here, they live their unity in God, beyond the individuality of each of them, even this feeling of a "couple relationship" fades away, and a fusion with God as spirits lights up, in which they find God in all the manifested existence, beyond illusions and dogmas, beyond male and female, in a unity that was meant for all of us to live in.

        We all go through these stage, more or less consciously, some of the stages are very short, others last for years. Usually they overlap, we move back and forth between two, or even three stages until we stabilise, go deeper  and pass all the tests that come with each of them, but unfortunately most people get lost in the Leo stage, the evolutionary cycle after the Cancer phase. In most cases the ego and pride are powerful enough not to fail, and so, they get stuck in relationships in which one of the two lovers dominates and manipulates the other, having total control of the relationship.
       Others, less in numbers then the previsious-ones, reach to the Scorpio stage, that is also a phase of very profound transformations, that not many have the aspiration to take responsability for, to see themselves with all their faults and weaknesses, to overcome the suffering in the name of pure, true, divine love.

       The more we go through relationship experiences, the more they should help us grow, the more they should free us, getting higher and higher on  our evolutionary spiral.

        May God grant us all the aspiration and inspiration, to find that soul with whom we have the most harmony with and love, to take us as high as it is humanly posibile, through everything we do, live, feel and aspire.

 About these compatibilities between partners we will talk in future articles...

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