Tuesday, September 7, 2010

The stars shine bright upon Astrology of Enlightenment's birth

astrology birth chart
           Astrology of Enlightenment was born on September 7th, 2010, at 17:00, Cluj-Napoca, Romania, in the minds and hearts of people eager to share with the world, the gifts that they have been given, with love and a great desire to enrich people in all areas of this beautiful gift, that is life.

       The moment of birth is influenced by some very special astrological concurrences, with the Moon in Virgo and the Ascendent of the moment in Capricorn, powerfuly sustaining the materialization of creative and productive ideas. The Mid Heaven in Scorpio, foretells a profound metamorphosis as a result of the project, and the North Node in conjuction with Pluton on the Ascendent, in the XIIth home, clearly indicates that through Astrology of Enlightenment, many spiritual purposes, meanings will reach fulfillment.

       The conjuction between Mars and Venus brings a subtle polarization between the masculine and the feminine energies, balancing the vitality and dynamism of the masculine with refinement of the feminine, any actions being sublimly inspired by the Trigon created by the two with Neptune. The conjunction between Sun-Mercury-Moon brings both brilliance and sensitivity in everything that is going to materialize by this beginning. We have made some forward steps in fulfilling these sublime dreams to aid and sustain the Divine values by everything we do and write on this blog.
    May Astrology of Enlightenment be a vessel where the Divine enlightening energy can overflow in the hearts and souls of you, and of all people that are open and receptive.
May the energy of this beginning reach in the depth of your soul and bring out the beauties and the potential that lies dorment, may the light of astrology shine bright upon all our paths.


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